Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Summer news

I enjoy the time I set aside to write as it gives me the chance to reflect on what has been happening on the farm and look through photos and recognise how the landscape changes even within a few weeks.

One of the highlights during the school holidays was each choosing our own sunflower in our wildbird seed mix and watching and measuring it grow and then eventually flower.  We think Roly's won the race with Molly's coming a close second!  They look magnificent, particularly with the backdrop of the flowering radish.  The whole area has been alive with butterflies and bees.  During the winter months the aim is for it to be a vital food source for our farmland birds, we hope they like sunflower seeds!

The photograph of the John Deere tractor pulling a drill shows the replanting of a field to create a new grass ley.  Grass can get 'worn out' and with regular grazing all the beneficial grasses can get grazed out so you are left with a field with low nutritional value.  It was certainly the case with this field which is called Peeling Brow.  I love the name.  It represents a typical, rolling downland field. We had rain last weekend and now very warm weather so we hope to see new green shoots appearing very soon.

The General, our handsome bull, has now been separated from all his wives.  He isn't too grumpy about it as we have given him one cow for company and they seem very content.  We have a ritual of always saying good morning and good afternoon to him as we pass on the quad bike.  We like to think he notices us....

We have taken the plunge and borrowed an incubator from Charlie (the head ranger here for the National Trust) and have 24 eggs gently rocking away!  Very exciting.  They are due to hatch on the 21st September.  We have 12 silkies, some light Sussex, and wheaten marans.  We will keep you posted.

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie, Finch and Belle

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