Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Guest blog from Aaron, our fantastic work experience student

The active lifestyle of a working farm is one that I had the privilege of taking part in last week as a part of work experience.
Coming from a city based college with no formal ties to agriculture, I was often met with quizzical expressions when asked where I was going for the week. But I knew that my decision would be justified as soon as the work began.
Whilst my peers flocked like sheep to grey offices, spending relentless hours making cups of tea and completing mundane tasks, I was busy embracing a world of work I hadn’t had the chance to see in detail before and one I cannot wait to jump back into!
Over the course of a varied week I have judged farms, mucked out yards, picked thistles, herded sheep and attempted to help out with the daily running of the farm in any way possible; each task allowing me to improve a new practical skill and learn about a profession I am passionate about entering. This dramatic learning curve was fuelled by having Roly as a mentor, as he continued to encourage, enthuse and enlighten me through out the week, as well as answering every question I sent his way.
Looking back over my time at Saddlescombe farm, it’s immensely satisfying to observe the progress I have achieved in such a short period of time, thanks to the dedicated group of people I met there over my short stay. I feel extremely lucky to have been accepted into the farm’s close knit family and given the opportunity to work in such a unique role, nestled amongst the scenic, sloping hills of the Sussex downs for this week. A big thanks to Roly, Camilla, Belle and everyone else I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Hopefully it won’t be long until I can return to the farm and re-immerse myself into that bustling brilliance of a farming lifestyle, offering a helping hand once again.


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