Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Meet the boys and some other exciting finds...

They are wonderful!  Very interesting, they took a few days to feel settled in their new surroundings, different to the Saddleback girls who were instantly hungry and happy.  Perhaps boys are a little more sensitive?  They have certainly made up for any lost time and are now charging around and bounding towards the fence whenever anyone comes into the drive in any hope of food and/or a good scratch.  Wellies are a real favourite for nibbling and having a good rub, particularly if they have a buckle.

I think it could be official, we have recently become wildflower enthusiasts.  Our wildflower book which admittedly has sat on the shelf largely ignored for a long time, made itself part of the daily routine, it even made its way into the box which sits on front of the quad bike (a real honour).   We even booked a babysitter to walk a very special area of bank one evening to try and see what we could spot!  Our favourite find has been the bee orchid, isn't it beautiful?  We could hardly believe this incredible flower had appeared on our farm!  But it has been a real reminder to us how important the grazing and scrub management we are undertaking is so we are able to encourage these types of species on the farm.

Our spring lamb is proving popular with our local pubs and restaurants in Brighton, plus our friend Ellie who runs her own brilliant company called Forgotten Cuts, serving up tasty treats every week in Brighton.  We are really pleased with the positive feedback we are getting, thanks everyone.

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie, Boris and Belle