Friday, 20 November 2020

Autumn news from Saddlescombe


I caught this image of the cows one early morning and I love it.  It was cold and quiet and I stood for a while watching them in the amazing light.  They are now in a different field lower down in the valley of the farm where they will be for the rest of the winter.  Nanja our vet came a week ago to pregnancy scan them and all are in calf apart from 3.  A good result from William the bull.  

The rams are now in with the ewes, the picture above is our group of ewes who we keep their female lambs to build up the flock.  We have divided their field into strips to encourage better grass regrowth, (please see previous blog which explains our regenerative journey), and it is exciting to see the results it is having.  Better regrowth to allow the plants to photosynthesise more effectively and capture and store carbon.  We now have water supply to every part of the farm too which is huge progress for us and an important step to being able to divide the fields and follow the regenerative system.

We have been lucky to secure funding from the South Downs National Park to install WiFi in the farmyard which will mean we can accept card payments on our open days and for meat sales.  This will help us enormously operating without cash and will give us and our customers confidence when visiting that we will be able to accept payment this way.  We are really grateful for the National Parks support.

We hope everyone is surviving this second lockdown, please do be in touch if you would like to place a lamb box order for Christmas, please email us

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie, Fly and Teddy