Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 9 - spring lambing 2012

It has been the most beautiful day here, and reached 19 degrees this afternoon! It could not be more perfect for turning our lambs outside, you can almost see them visibly grow with the sun on their backs.

It has been a relatively quiet day in the sheds up until about an hour ago and Roly still isn't home now which indicates that the girls have decided to uncross their legs just as we feel like having a break! Badger is doing well and we are keeping her in the sheds for a few days so that our visitors at our lambing weekends this weekend and next can meet her, I think she is going to have a few fans!

With the weather set to stay settled we are expecting a lot of visitors this weekend and we're looking forward to it, there is plenty to see in the lambing sheds as well as lots of other activities happening around the Earth Trust site. We are offering 10% off any lamb ordered over the weekend and will be selling our lamb burgers thanks to the help of our amazing friends and family.

Video today is dropping the ewes and their lambs off into the great outdoors for the first time, enjoy!

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