Friday, 23 March 2012

Day 10 - Spring lambing 2012

Another busy day, with 36 good, strong lambs born. This morning we moved most of the 15 ewes and their twins born yesterday outside, the weather could not have been better for them. Tomorrow we shall be opening the gates to visitors and having an open day, so even earlier start in the morning to get all the feeding and bedding up done, not to mention having a proper sweep up before our guests arrive. By the end of the weekend the barn will be full of lambs as we will not be able to take any out to the fields if we have lots of visitors, so a busy monday. Badger (our black lamb)is looking cuter by the day, and she knows it - no doubt she is going to really work the crowds! Our vet students are doing a fantastic job both with ewes, lambs and also talking to the variuos people that come and visit us. Bed time

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