Monday, 11 January 2010


"179% . . . not bad" said Bob Blanden. Who's Bob?! Bob came and scanned our girls who are due to lamb in March. It was so exciting, we collected them all into a large pen and then put them up a ramp and through a little trailer where Bob was sat with his ultrasound gadget. Our friends Jenny and Rob came and helped, Jenny herself expecting literally any day now!

In the end, the final stats were -
  • 13 are expecting triplets
  • 149 - twins
  • 37 - singles

. . . and 10 were empty!

The reason we scanned our sheep was so we can now feed them the right amount of food in their last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Sheep are a little different to us, they really do have to eat for their young, especially the closer they get to having their babies. We then spent Sunday sorting them all into their appropriate groups.

All very exciting! Plus our other 50 girls should start lambing tomorrow, yikes!

We also want to thank our farming neighbour Angus Dart who has kindly given us some dairy cow colustrum in preparation for our newborn lambs. Colostrum is the first bit of milk the lamb gets from their Mummy after they are born, it is so important as it full of antibodies and lots of goodies to help them get on their feet and be warm and strong as fast as possible. Sometimes lambs need that little bit extra and colustrum from dairy cows can fill this gap. Our freezer is now full of measured out quantities to defrost should we need to, will keep you posted!

More soon, perhaps with some lambing news!

Roly, Camilla, Boris and Meggy

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