Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mother nature at her best

Yesterday we finished shearing the flock.  When we face a difficult annual farm activity it makes us realise and appreciate when we have good years!  The heavy, thundery showers which have dictated June have made completing outdoor jobs a challenge, shearing being one of them.  However, I think our backs are perhaps very grateful that the rain came and we split the flock over two days, rolling fleeces and keeping up with Colin our shearer and his team is hard but very rewarding work.  The sheep also look relieved to lose that weight and feel cooler in the warm sunshine.

We have taken time to enjoy the results of the winter jobs we do such as scrub clearing which clear away the gorse and encroaching young hawthorn and blackthorn bushes to allow the species rich grassland to have a chance to flourish and indeed they have!  The photo here shows a selection of orchids which have returned as a result of having the space to resurface.  It gives us such pleasure and they in turn will be supporting wildlife and we hope recreated ecosystems.

The showers have had their blessings in some respects and have helped our wild bird seed mix to get off to a good start.  If it had been continual dry the small plants have to germinate and then battle with the flea beetle who love the tasty small leaves.  Once they have grown enough they are too strong for them and can continue growing without us worrying.  Our wildflower meadow which we planted back in the autumn is also doing well as are the sheep and lambs who have been grazing it.  The poppies looked stunning and we hope all the local walkers have enjoyed them too.

As we all try and digest what has happened in the news over these last few days, we realise how increasingly important it is and will be to build up closer relations with our customers.  We need to communicate the value of buying directly from a local farm not only in terms of buying delicious meat but also the basic importance of knowing where the food you buy comes from is supporting us to produce food to the highest standard of welfare and environmental consideration.

We have a new member of the family....Finch!  She has settled well and Belle is being incredibly patient and long suffering to puppy love.

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie, Finch and Belle 

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