Thursday, 26 November 2015

My first butchery masterclass

From our last blog you will remember that we are just entering the world of selling and tasting our very first traditional Sussex grass fed beef.  As part of this process we think it is really important that our involvement doesn't just end in loading our special animals for the abattoir but our respect continues all the way to how they are butchered and sold.  This is why we are so chuffed that head butcher Will (pictured top) from Barfields Butchers has taken half of our first animal, (the other half has gone to chef Charlie from the Chimney House, see previous blog).  We have been regularly supplying lamb to Will for a while now so we know what a great business he runs.

I had asked if I could spend a couple of hours one morning to watch our beef being broken down (note butcher language), so I spent Tuesday morning with Matthew watching and learning the incredible skill and art butchery is.  The second photo shows the chuck end of the rib which would be trimmed down further and tied to make rib of beef, perhaps the ultimate roast?  The last 2 photos are Matthew trimming out the feather bone and as you can see he looks pretty pleased!  It was a privilege to watch, thank you for having me guys!

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie and Belle

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