Monday, 23 June 2014

Shearing at Saddlescombe in the 1860s . . and today

The photo below is from Maude Robinson's book 'A South Downs farm in the sixties' - in the book Maude recalls her childhood memories of growing up at Saddlescombe Farm in the 1860s. This book is obviously very special to us, not only because it helps to visualise what Saddlescombe would have been like over 150 years ago, but it reminds us just what a small part of history we are and the responsibility we have to look after Saddlescombe for future generations, including hopefully Molly and Freddie.

Anyway, we have included this photo as last week we sheared all our flock for the first time at Saddlescombe and the team effort seemed no different to the 1860s. Shearing time provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved, young and old, and amazing Emma, who helps us a couple of days a week, and Alex, who was on work experience, had a go at shearing a sheep!

More soon
Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie, Boris and Belle

Shearing at Saddlescombe 1860s

Shearing at Saddlescombe 2014

Alex teaching Molly and friends to roll a fleece

Emma learning to shear

Alex learning to shear

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