Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas at Saddlescombe

....we are really excited about spending our first Christmas here and perhaps having the chance to review this year and look forward to next year and seeing some of our plans come to life.  I think we may look back at 2013 and wonder how we did it!

Already really exciting work is happening.  We had our first day hedgelaying last weekend, working with Charlie the head warden here at Saddlescombe and some National Trust volunteers.  Roly really enjoyed it, there is nothing like a hard days work which ends in a satisfying bonfire at the end of it!  Philippa and volunteers from the South Downs National Park team started some scrub clearance today along Varncombe Bank.  A long stretch of species rich grassland which has become too overgrown with scrub (invasive trees).  Again a satisfying job which ends with a bonfire!  This work will be so important for the native grass and wildflower species to have the space and light to grow and establish themselves again on the bank.

Our lambs are enjoying munching their way through the stubble turnips which were planted back in August before we arrived by our neighbours Mark and Gary Lee.  It is rather an amazing sight seeing them on the horizon as it is the highest field on the farm so the view is rather dramatic, particularly when the last of the evening sun catches the top of it and bathes it in an orange glow which is amazing.

Our family came to visit us last weekend and we put them to work sawing up wood to feed our hungry wood burners.  Another satisfying job done with spectacular views as a backdrop. 

We are looking forward to welcoming our first visitors to be Shepherds for the Day with us here next year so if you are looking for an unusual but fun and memorable Christmas present to give then why not purchase one of our Shepherd for the Day vouchers or even send a box of lamb?

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Freddie, Boris and Belle

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