Thursday, 3 May 2012

Green, green grass!

We must be one of the few people who have had smiles on our faces over the last few days. The rain has made us very happy, we have needed it for a long time to help the grass grow to feed our flock over the summer and winter months as well. We have already shut the hay meadow gates to keep the sheep out and let the grasses grow for their winter forage. We feel so grateful we had the warm weather while we were lambing in March, the sheep don’t look too amused right now but the lambs are strong and able to put up with the wet, although we have moved some sheep off the meadows next to the River Thames onto higher ground, as they are not good swimmers! Roly took some great photos yesterday when out and about, I love the one with the ducks next to the sheep and such a treat to see a roe deer so close poking its head out of the oilseed rape! I had a call from Roly as he was driving into Oxford this morning on his way to the farmers market to say the river was really high so I took Molly to check the sheep and thankfully the field they are in is still managing to keep them dry. The river is flowing so fast and is definitely swollen and has spread to the riverbanks and over in some places. It was really exciting standing and watching the water racing past. Molly thought the puddles in the fields were great fun! The sheep seem pretty unfazed by it all but will be very happy when it dries out and they can shake the extra weight of the water off their fleeces. We have a 10% discount offer on our 1/4 and 1/2 lamb packs at the moment. Drop us an email if you would like to place an order, first come first served! More soon Camilla, Roly, Molly, Boris and Belle

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