Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nearly there!

A few days break from the blog....the girls have definitely slowed up and we have a stubborn 12 who still have their legs crossed and making us wait! The sheds always feel a bit strange as they gradually empty and the majority of the flock are now outside.

Badger is having a great time over at Shillingford, she is definitely enjoying the great outdoors and charges around with all her friends. Henry is over there as well with her lovely set of twins. I love the routine of this time of year and driving over to check them all. You can see the lambs grow by the day especially when the sun is on their backs.

At last we've had some rain, whether we are ever going to have enough to make up for the shortfall remains to be seen. You can almost hear the ground drinking it in but already wanting more. For now though, the fields are green and the sheep are happy so we are too!

Roly has been busy thinking ahead for the next major challenge of fly strike, which we blog about every year as it is such a big part of the shepherds calendar. Also I think for us it is as I was scarred so much when I was little seeing a couple of our sheep at home who were unlucky to get it that I never want to see it again! We are very fortunate that we can spray our sheep to prevent the eggs from hatching so this is what Roly has been doing on our lambs and ewes from the January flock.

Amazing Mel is still with us, but only until the weekend, boo we will miss her! Akash left us at the end of last week and we certainly miss having him around. I'm sure he is catching up on as much sleep as possible as there is quite a backlog during lambing. We wish them well with their futures, and next term back at the Royal Veterinary College.

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Belle and Boris

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