Thursday, 19 April 2012

Its all over for 2012..

I spent yesterday morning at our butchers, Hedges in Abingdon. I thought it was time I had a refresher course in watching one of our lambs being butchered. I had a great time watching Mark (left in the photo) who was great at explaining all the different cuts and 'bust' the lamb down in no time. Opposite us was Chris, (right in the photo) who only likes to cut beef and great at it he is too and he makes a good cup of tea too! Ben is in the middle who is another member of the team and butchers our lamb alongwith Mark and Steve who wasn't around today when I picked up lamb for Abingdon market tomorrow.

Our last ewe lambed yesterday afternoon, a lovely set of twins to end this years season. Well done girls! What a relief. The lambing sheds are almost empty now, we only have our 4 orphans who are real characters and soon the last few who have lambed will be joining all their friends the rain! It has never felt so good to see a puddle and Molly has been loving them, she comes in completely plastered but we don't mind as it is so good to finally have some decent rain which will make a significant difference to our grass growth.

Roly was at Oxford market today and despite the weather our customers came and we're hoping tomorrow will be the same. New season lamb will start in a couple of weeks, we'll keep you posted.

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Boris and Belle

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