Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 5 - spring lambing 2012

Last night was quiet, only two sets of twins so this morning we were able to get all the routine jobs done like giving the ewes fresh straw bedding in good time with no distractions. After a slow start this morning we then had an another couple of sets of twins born within 5 minutes. All doing well. Later this afternoon we had a set of twins where one is really is amazing how suddenly all your time can be spent shepherding just one tiny lamb. It is a balance between allowing the bond to form between the ewe and her lamb but also making sure that the lamb has had that vital first taste of colostrum. When a lamb is that small it can struggle to even latch onto the teat, so we have had to give it a lot of time and help.

We were joined this afternoon by some friends, Liam who helped us at Abingdon farmers market on Friday, he has 4 ewes of his own to lamb and helped us this afternoon and lambed his first sheep. He had a big smile on his face, as did his two boys Caleb and Lochie who were looking on fascinated by what their Dad was up to.

Molly has had great fun in the sheds too today as you can see from one of these photos. Mel is doing the night checks for us tonight, amazing, so we are turning in.....

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