Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 18 - Spring Lambing 2012

We opened our gates to the lambing barns again today, and were not disappointed by the level of interest. It always amazes me how in an age when of high impact entertainment when everything is getting bigger, louder, brighter and faster, people of all ages, young and old just love to lean on a wooden hurdle and just watch the sheep and lambs.

The day starts even earlier than early - before we can think about opening the gates to the visitors we have to do all our routine sheep checks, feeding, and counting, not to mention all the other unexpected challenges our flock throw at us each morning, and have a good sweep! And our open days would not be possible without the help of our friends and family who spoke with visitors, handled lambs and flipped burgers (lamb of course!), and the Earth Trust, our landlords, with whom we run the open days with.

As for our amazing sheep, they did not disappoint, 7 ewes produced 13 lambs, not bad with all those people watching.

. . . and we are doing it all again tomorrow?!!!!

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