Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 15 - Spring Lambing 2012

Just returned from the late night lambing shed check, where I was met by Akash with a big smile on his face. Akash, who is on his lambing placement from the Royal Veterinary College, had just successfully lambed a ewe, however having caught her and carefully placed her on her side, Akash realised he did not have his lambing ropes on him. Normally there would be someone else around to help, however not on this occasion, meaning he would have to release her, get his kit and then go through the whole process again, until he remembered a little trick. . . Akash quickly removed his jumper, placed it over the ewes head, where she just instantly layed motionless allowing Akash to dash off, grab his kit, and return amazed to find her still there!
On the lambing front, we have had another good day with 10 ewes having their lambs. We were also joined by our 'shepherd for the day' Sally Buttolph who got really stuck into every job. We also turned a batch of ewes and lambs outside, always a favourite job.
More to follow tomorrow

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