Monday, 14 November 2011

Results for our January ewes!

Who would have thought it is mid November! We went for a walk in the glorious sunshine today without a coat on, it was amazing. However, we have just watched the Countryfile weather forecast for the week and it looks like it is getting colder tomorrow. I will be relieved if it means that some of the germs Molly is picking up get frozen out. Her nose has been constantly running for about 2 months now!

Anyway enough of Puzey domestic news….what about the farm? Well as ever it has been really busy. The ewes are now entering their second cycle, which means we have changed the crayons on the rams raddles to green! The crayon on the first cycle was orange and looking at the ewes bottoms the boys have been very busy, in fact we can count on one hand the ewes who still don’t have a mark. This means that the first two weeks of lambing will be full on!

We mustn’t forget that we have 70 ewes lambing in January and we had them scanned on Friday morning – 10 triplets, 35 twins and 24 singles, one ewe was empty. Really exciting! We will be bringing them indoors in about a week and the winter routine begins of feeding twice a day. We rather like it as there is life back in the sheds. Molly will love it, we can’t wait to show her.

A busy week ahead, 4 markets in a row and a local Christmas fair on Saturday. Please come and see us – Wallingford on Tuesday, Woodley on Wednesday, Oxford on Thursday and Abingdon on Friday.

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Boris and Belle

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