Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Finally...the last lambs!

They arrived yesterday and are already looking strong and well as you can see from the photograph. A proud mum, but she has kept us waiting!

At the same time as going to check on her, Roly thought it was time to give Molly her first shepherding lesson, you can see her concentrating very hard and taking it all in. It won't be long before she has her own shepherds crook....

We had some very welcome rain at the end of last week, about an inch, just enough to tide us over but we do need more, the cracks in the ground are getting wider. We are just about managing on the grass we have to move the sheep around. We have learnt during this dry spell that the sheep do very well on the grass due to it having higher dry matter content due to the lack of moisture. However, this cannot be sustained as new growth is needed to keep up with the grazing and this can only happen with rainfall!

Our new season lamb is picking up now so please come and visit us at the markets this month and try some for yourself. We are butterflying some legs of lamb now all ready for the barbeques and our delicious burgers are always a favourite.

Despite the lack of rain, the countryside is still alive with colour and the butterflies are loving the nettles and cow parsley. We have seen a lot of orange tip butterflies this year.

Brian our shearer is booked up to come and shear the remainder of the flock in a weeks time - the rams, the ewes which lambed in January and our ewe lambs (replacements).

The lambing sheds have all been cleared and the manure is in a big heap waiting to be spread on the arable fields here at the Earth Trust. Sheds which are so alive with activity for two months now seem so quiet and empty!

More soon

Camilla, Roly, Molly, Boris and Belle

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