Friday, 7 January 2011

New arrival....but not quite what we were expecting!

So we have had a new arrival...but with four legs and not two! With only one week to go until the ewes start lambing we need to be on the alert for any early appearances...and we had one yesterday. Very sweet indeed but sadly we lost her brother or sister who was very small indeed. When lambs are born this early they are very premature and their chances of survival are very slim. However, 'Titch' is doing really well and is happily feeding off her Mum who thinks Titch is wonderful! We discovered last night that Titch's Mum has got mastitis, which is an infection ewes can get in their udders. The udder is very hard and hot and very painful for the ewe. So we have given her some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory treatment and hope that will do the trick. We spoke to Adelle our vet who advised on some further treatment which Roly is picking up from the vets this morning. We will keep you posted on her progress.

In the meantime, no other baby news yet!
Camilla, Roly, Boris, Belle...and...Bump!

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