Friday, 17 December 2010

Frosty days and cold hands!

We've just come in from Abingdon farmers market and its taken a while to take all the layers off! We had a lovely market and everyone was in good Christmas cheer despite not being able to feel their toes! Thank you to all our customers who have bought our lamb and told us how delicious it is, it makes all the difference when we are out there in the cold!

Our 30 girls who are due to lamb in January are doing well in the lambing sheds, they are tucking in to haylage (a mix between hay and silage) which we made here on the farm back in the summer and some special sheep nuts, which they think are really yummy. They are always very pleased to see us! The rest of the flock all remain outside and seem unfazed by the weather. We need to make sure they still have access to water, so breaking the ice in the water troughs becomes part of the daily sheep checks. If it is wet as well as cold that is when they suffer.

Yesterday we separated the rams off from the main flock of ewes and they are now back on their own having a well deserved rest! We hope they have performed well and we look forward to the results of having the ewes scanned to see how many lambs they will be having.

We have been busy with orders from our online shop and our regular customers stocking up for Christmas. Our sheepskin rugs have also been really popular, including some interesting colours like pink and teak, which all make cosy Christmas presents. Bookings for being a shepherd for the day are also proving to be good presents and we are looking forward to welcoming them onto the farm in the New Year.

With Christmas just over a week away can sometimes be a time to reflect before embarking on another year. This year has certainly had its ups and downs weather wise but we have learnt so much and feel so lucky to be working in this beautiful countryside which we see change throughout the year. The sheep are looking well and we love our amazing little sheepdog Belle who is still learning and needs lots of encouragement. She will certainly be getting a Christmas treat on Christmas Day!

With best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to sharing more adventures with you in 2011! One of the main ones being parenthood!

Camilla, Roly, Boris and Belle

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