Sunday, 21 November 2010

Camilla and Roly's online Farm Shop is now live!

As of Wednesday last week our shop officially opened for business! You can now order all your favourite individual cuts of lamb or one of our special meat boxes. We have already had some orders which has been really exciting and we are also selling sheepskin rugs and being a 'shepherd for the day' which have also generated lots of interest, so thank you for your support and please spread the word! The sheepskin rugs and 'shepherd for the day' make great Christmas presents!

Other news from the farm is we have changed the colour of the crayons from yellow to red. The rams wear the crayons on raddles (harnesses) which mark the ewes as they mount them. We have completed the first cycle of the ewe which lasts for 17 days where we used the yellow crayon and we are now in the second cycle where we are using red. This helps us plan who is going to lamb when. So far we have about 8 red bottoms, see the photo!

The 50 ewes who are due to lamb in January will be scanned this week so we will know exactly how many are pregnant and how many lambs each are having. We can then feed them accordinging to how many lambs they are having (singles less than those Mums having twins or triplets). There maybe some ewes who didn't get pregnant back in August so they will go in with the main flock over at Shillingford and should fingers crossed lamb in March. If they have only just got pregnant their lambs will be too small to see on the scanner. We will let you know how many will be lambing in January. Last year we had no idea as we didn't have them scanned. Thanks to our farming neighbour David Greasby who had booked the scanner we can add our small number to his!

Finally, we have made a very important purchase this last week, a new, well second hand quad bike from Hilary Warburton, who lives at North Farm, where our breeding ewes (and rams) are currenlty grazing. Our old quad bike was really on its last legs so we are very excited to have this essential piece of kit for the winter sheep checks which enables us to get everywhere hopefully without getting stuck and for when we start to put the lambs out in the spring.

Our baby is due in about 6 weeks time, so if it is late there is a chance I will be put in a pen up in the lambing sheds too!

Please take a look at our online shop and more soon in December....

Camilla, Roly, Belle and Boris

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