Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blooming marvellous!

Our landlord, The Northmoor Trust have been really busy over the last few days restoring lots of the meadows our sheep graze with wild flowers! The aim is to increase the diversity of the wildflowers in the meadows that are currently dominated by a few species of common grasses, and with them increase other biodiversity such as butterflies and bees. This is a really exciting project.

If you visit the farm and are out on the Clumps you will notice a significant part of Round Hill, and also areas of Church Meadow and the top of Castle Hill have been disc-harrowed. This is an essential part of the process - to give the wildflower seed a chance of germinating the ground needs to be broken up and stop the dominance of the grasses.

More to follow soon

Camilla and Roly . . . and Boris and Meg!

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